The Beginning

by Jordan Quidachay

‘Words are a form of action, capable of influencing change’

-Ingrid Bengis

So where did the sudden urge to blog come from? I can assure you, I don’t even know myself. But something within provoked this ‘urge’ and as I type these words my brain is trying to formulate a reason. Perhaps there is none. But now I think that my passion should be shared with the world and everyone in it (or lack thereof) through this blog. I think before I continue, ‘passion’ should be more clearly defined in this context. I’m referring to my passion for the culinary arts, the skill to transform ingredients into ravishing and nourishing works of art. The ability to capture all 5 senses with a meal; simply said, but its complexity certainly beyond measure. And yes, ALL five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, AND hearing. ‘Hearing?’ you’re probably saying to yourself, so take 5 minutes to stop reading here and listen to one of my culinary heroes and mastermind, Heston Blumenthal because he explains the multisensory experience far better than I ever would.

Now, moving on. Let my words guide you alongside me in my journey as a culinarian. Let my words allow you to envision my dreams and feel my failures as I do. I’ll tell of all the wonders and sorrows I encounter along the way. I’ll share my gained knowledge and wisdom with truth and love so in some way, shape, or form they may plant a seed of change in the world.

In Veritate Et Caritate